Tacky Annie's swing dance club and The Channel Hoppers

Balboa Performances

We have selected a number of you-tube videos which have helped and inspired our dancing at Tacky Annie’s.

Anne-Helene and Bernard Cavasa

Anne-Helen  and Bernard are wonderful Balboa dancers and great teachers. Their love of traditional balboa with some modern twists comes through in their teaching and performances. We first saw them when they were teaching and dancing at Hep Cats Holiday.

Anne-Helene and Bernard performing balboa.

More Anne-Helene and Bernard dancing balboa

Natasha Hall and Paul Crooks

Natasha and Paul are well-known teachers and performers on theUK swing dance scene.

Their balboa performance at the South Bank is truly exceptional!

Natasha and Paul at the South Bank

Isabella Gregorio and Vincenzo Fesi

Isabella and Vincenzo are internationally renowned dancers and teachers. They have enormous amounts of energy and their performances are breathtaking to watch. The video link below shows them performing a fast and frantic balboa.

Isabella and Vincenzo performing balboa 

Barbl Kaufer and Marcus Koch

Barbl and Marcus are well known around the world for dancing and teaching swing dances including boogie woogie, balboa and lindy hop. Here they are dancing the balboa to a range of music styles.

Barbl and Marcus dancing the balboa