Tacky Annie's swing dance club and The Channel Hoppers

Lindy hop Performances

We have selected a number of videos which we have found to be both helpful and inspirational for teaching new dance steps and improving our lindy hop.

 Kim Clever and Dave Frutos

We first saw Dave and Kim  at HepCats Holiday where they were running workshops and performing. They are great teachers and brilliant dancers. We have included 3 you-tube videos of them dancing. They contain a lot of ideas for lindy hop steps some of which e.g. “the aeroplane spin”, back Charleston into” basket” hold, “overturned lindy turn” into back Charleston we have adapted and introduced at Tacky’s.

Dave and Kim dancing freestyle

Dave and Kim dancing their performance lindy hop

Dave and Kim performing in 2013

Sharon Davis and Juan Villafane

Sharon and Juan dance a superbly choreographed routine to Fats Waller’s Scram

Sharon and Juan dance to “Scram”

Carla Heiney and Nick Williams

Carla and Nick are well known swing dancers in their own right. Here they are dancing the lindy hop together in  in their own inimitable style. The first video features them in cabaret whilst the second is them dancing the lindy hop freestyle in a social setting.

Carla and Nick dance the lindy hop in cabaret.

Carla and Nick dance freestyle lindy hop

Marcus Kaufer and an 88 year old dancer who struts her stuff

Marcus Kaufer leads a brilliant 88 year dancer who  demonstrates great style

 88 year old dancer struts her stuff