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Quick Stop


Jul 22, 2013 Workshops Comments are off

“headoverheelsdance” group demonstrate and teach the quickstop The quick stop is a very dynamic form of the lindy turn with an outside turn. There are a number of variants of this move. The one shown here is what we teach at tacky annies. There are several ways to ¬†exit from the move. From the hold [...]

Sylvia Sykes and Maxie Dorf


Apr 5, 2013 Balboa, Balboa performances, Workshops Comments are off

Sylvia Sykes and Maxie Dorf Sylvia Sykes and Maxie Dorf are very well known swing dancers. Maxie Dorf has developed some famous steps which bear his name and are taught and danced internationally. In this clip they demonstrate some basic balboa, the Maxi Dorf stomp step, the Maxi slide and an over-the-shoulder throwaway.